Our cattle have a story, too!  In 2009, Sam and Deb purchased our first cows, Katie and Elsie.  They are black commercial calves that we bottle fed until old enough to pasture.  Next we set out to find just the right breed of

cows for our ranch.  We chose Red Angus because of their mothering instincts, good disposition, easy calving, and quality of the meat on a grass diet.  In search of a ranch to establish our foundation herd, we found and purchased cattle from Red Fork Red Angus Ranch in Kaycee, Wyoming, the second oldest Red Angus herd in Wyoming.


Our Red Angus cattle actually have a lot of personality and curiosity for what you are doing. In the photo to the right, GulliBull is approaching Sam along the fence line to say hello and see what he is doing.




After purchase of an initial commercial herd with a registered Red Angus bull, GulliBull, calves were born on our green grass pastures. 


We continued to invest in registered Red Angus with the purchase of a small foundation herd and a second registered bull, Houdini, also from Red Ford Red Angus.