Unlike many cattle ranchers, Sam and Deb have not been ranchers for 40 years; we only dreamed of being a farmer/rancher for 40 years.  We brought that dream to Loveland, CO as grass farmers, starting from the ground up.  We began our operation with mastering production of the finest quality grass hay, sold for horses and alpacas.  We then built a herd of top quality red angus cattle, who’s diet is strictly limited to the grass hay produced at Herston Farm.


Herston Farm is a family operated ranch, and with the help of our sons, Ben and Bryan, and our daughter, Jessica, we operate the farm and handle our cattle with care.


Our grandchildren, Nicole, Alice, Lucy, and Henry spend summers at the farm learning about putting up fence and how to handle cattle, and

watching calves as they are newly born.


Natural Resources Conservation Service (a division of USDA), CSU Extension, staff of CSU Veterinary Teaching Hospital, and others have been instrumental in our evolution from grass farmers to grass fed beef ranchers.


With guidance from NRCS, Herston Farm, aka Herston Red Angus, has practiced conservation and self-sustaining practices from day one. Every cow at our ranch is grown solely on the grass we produce. As when we sold hay to horse owners and alpaca owners, we still test our hay to ensure it is the best that we can grow.


As host of the Irrigated Pasture Management workshop in May of 2014, we practice the methods taught by Steve Fransen (Washington State University), and Joe Brummer (CO State University) to ensure our pastures will sustain our herd of Red Angus Cattle.